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Get the results you deserve all winter long with our quality BOSS products and service, at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them to every vehicle we serviced. We accept trade-ins from older BOSS snowplows towards the purchase of a new plow. We maintain a diverse stock of snowplows to be mounted on a very diverse range of vehicles. But what really sets our company apart from the rest of the area is our inventory of BOSS parts; available 24 hours per day prior to, during and after a winter event. The perks of staffing for a towing company are passed on to our BOSS customers, we are always on call for you as well as our towing customers. Keep up with us here and on our Facebook page for updates and specials on installs, plows and parts. We can also be contacted for questions and quotes at


24 Hour Service: (203) 272-2112  BOSS Snowplow: (203) 272-5384

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