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     Fleet Towing

Our focus here at Strollo's Towing Service; keeping the fleets that entrust us with their trucks moving. When you as a fleet operator suffer an equipment breakdown, it is a very time-sensitive situation to get the load moving to your customer quickly. We are dedicated to quick response times with the right people and proper equipment to solve the problem at hand. We are ready at the drop of the equipment to swap-out, repair, or tow anything in your fleet anywhere it needs to go.

Heavy Equipment       Transport

With our 20-ton capacity, tilt-deck lowbed and our 10-ton flatbed carriers, we have the capability of moving a multitude of various equipment and materials. From mini to medium excavators and loaders, small tractors to large tanks and construction materials, our professional operators can securely and safely move anything that will fit on our equipment.

Long Distance Towing and Transport

We have the capabilities and competitive prices to handle your long distance towing or transport needs. Our units and employees are always willing and able to go the extra miles to get your equipment where it is needed, on-time, safely and securely. Whether you're calling from a car dealership for a time-sensitive swap or the average Joe broken down far from home, give us a call today at (203) 272-5384 for all your long distance needs.

Local and Long Distance Towing: Project
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